25 Black TV icons whose fashion game was always on point

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Dominique Deveraux – Dynasty

What we know: Dominique was dubbed by the actress that plated her, Diahann Carrol, as the “first Black b-tch on television.” And let me tell you folks, the fierce Dominique did not hold back. Dominique was the direct antagonist to Alexis Colby, played by Joan Collins, and their weekly b-tch-offs are still legendary in the nighttime soap world.

Also notable is that Dominique is Blake Carrington’s half-sister. While the nighttime soap genre took on a lot of hot button issues like rape, domestic violence, homosexuality, it still remained a pretty white landscape. Dominique came in as nobody’s victim, on the same economic scale as the other characters, and she was never afraid to steal the scene – which she did in almost every episode she was in.

What we see: Sexy money. Dynasty was known for its over-the-top fashion sense, and Dominique was no exception. There was so much gold lame and dripping crystals, you often couldn’t look right at her. As the foil for the other on-screen queen, Alexis, Dominique had to keep her game tight. You can’t bring it half way if you have to share a space with her.

Because it was also the ’80s, there was lots of high hair and very glossy lips. She was nothing but glamor all the time, and you could tell Dominique was always feeling herself.

How to take it all in: When you go to search for this show on your streaming services, don’t get it mixed up with the 2018 reboot on The CW. The Dynasty you want is available on Amazon Prime, and its spin off, The Colbys, which also featured Dominique, is available on DVD for purchase.