25 Black TV icons whose fashion game was always on point

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Claire Huxtable – The Cosby Show

What we know: Even in the shadow of Bill Cosby’s crimes, Phylicia Rashad’s Claire Huxtable remains one of the most iconic and beloved TV moms. She was a successful lawyer, mother to five children, and always carried herself with poise and grace. She juggled all the challenges of being a working mother, and she did it with more competence than any of actual, real-life moms could muster.

There were few women of color on television during this, and it was also tragically rare to see a Black professional living an upper-middle class lifestyle. Claire and her husband were both successful in their respective careers, and Claire and her family marked a turn in how people of color are represented on television.

What we saw: Shoulder pad couture. Claire was a woman of her time, which means she wore a lot of big-shouldered jackets and wide belts over silky shirts. She always looked like the boss of any room, no matter who else was in it.  She was a fan of a big earring, but she always kept it modest and appropriate.

She always had the perfect shade of lipstick on, and her hair always looked beautiful and gloriously shiny. You probably would never find her in a pair of stilettos, but she knew how to work a sensible pump.

How to take it all in: Despite the tainted legacy of the show’s namesake, you can still watch the series on Amazon. I know some of us might have some complicated feelings about it now, but I think it’s safe to admire the goddess that Phylicia Rashad was – and still most definitely is.