25 Black TV icons whose fashion game was always on point

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Cookie Lyons – Empire

What we know: If you don’t know anything about Cookie, you ought to know this: you absolutely shouldn’t try to cross her. She spent 17 years in prison for a crime her husband committed and emerged stronger and more fearless than ever.

Cookie burst on the scene in season one, fresh out of prison, swinging. She came to collect what was rightfully hers, the family music business, and she (literally and figuratively) scratched the eyes out of anyone who came close to standing in her way. She won the day, and then lost it, and then won it again. But she never stopped fighting

What we see: City swank. Cookie has so much strut you can see her coming from space. She’s likely to be loaded down with brightly dyed furs and animal print, that you might just mistake her for the queen of some far-off, exceptionally glamorous nation.

The thing I love the very most about Cookie is that everything she wears is so tight and form-fitting that you kinda want to make out with her while simultaneously electing her CEO. She’s got curves for days, skin you would murder for, and an attitude that would make a train jump off it’s tracks. She’s the whole package.

How to take it all in: You must, and I absolutely mean must watch this show from the very first second to the very last minute of the fifth season. It’s got all the soapy goodness you want from a show about music, but it’s also got heart. Taraji P. Henson gives you everything you will need in an anti-hero, and you will go to bed every night praying to be like her when you grow up.