25 Black TV icons whose fashion game was always on point

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Willona Woods – Good Times

What we know: Willona Woods maybe have been written as the whacky neighbor to the Evans in Good Times, but she absolutely deserves her own conversation. As a single lady of color in the ’70s, she had her own troubles with dating and romance, but she was kind hearted and a very dear support system to the Evans’ matriarch, Florida.

In fact, Willona’s heart was so big, and she had so much love to give, she adopted a troubled young girl who came to live with her as a foster child. Fans of the show will recognize her foster daughter, Penny, as a young Janet Jackson. This pairing may go down in TV history as the most iconic contribution of a guest star on a television series.

What we see: ’70s chic. This show debuted as the first sitcom featuring an entirely Black cast, and was definitely one of the few shows to feature working-class individuals. Despite her limited budget, Wilona always looked incredibly put together. The era demanded lots of polyester, wide-leg pants and open collars, but Willona’s style transcends trends and styles of the moment.

Admittedly on the hunt for a man worthy of her energy, Wilona took pride in how she looked and dressed. Her style was totally of the era, but I swear I would wear anything her character ever wore right now. Nostalgia aside, Willona looked amazing, and was (coincidentally) the most fabulous lady on any of the networks, hands down.

How to take it all in: Once again, this show might be hard to pin down on traditional streaming services, but it’s absolutely out there. You can purchase seasons on DVD from Amazon, but more conveniently, you can find episodes on YouTube.