25 Black TV icons whose fashion game was always on point

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Marie Laveau – American Horror Story

What we know: Marie Laveau is among the most badass female characters on TV to date – perhaps the absolute top badass. I won’t back down from this opinion. I won’t equivocate. I won’t entertain any dissenting counterarguments. Marie Laveau is a hill I am willing to die on.  She’s the head witch in (multiple) towns, and there aren’t many who could take her on.

Angela Bassett is the most beautiful and striking woman in any room she enters, but playing the powerful witch only gives her more clout. She crosses generations, takes on antichrists, and generally saves the witch race.

What we see: Witch fierce. She wields those braids like she pulls her power from them, and you can count on her baring those arms in a sleeveless top. Whether she’s rocking an antebellum period outfit, or flexing in New Orleans couture, you can bet she’s going to kill it – figuratively, and perhaps literally.

We know Marie is in league with Papa Legba, probably accounting for her timeless beauty and style. But what ever it takes to look like this, I want in.

How to take it all in: To really understand Marie Laveau’s style, you have to check out Coven, the third season American Horror Story, on Netflix. However, the most recent, Apocalypse, features Marie facing off another witch of similar ilk, but you’ll have to wait to take that in.