25 Black TV icons whose fashion game was always on point

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Sophia Burset – Orange Is The New Black

What we know: Orange Is The New Black is packed full of interesting and multi-faceted female characters, but audiences fell in love with Sophia Burset because of her innate wisdom and kindness to the other inmates.

As one of the first openly transgender characters on television – and mostly certainly one of the first transwomen of color – Sophia broke ground for audiences and other characters alike. She worked as the prison’s hair stylist, so she had access to a lot of other inmates, giving her an insight into human behavior that few others had.

What we see: Prison poise. Of course, Sophia always had to wear the scrubs, like everyone else, but she made them her own – tailoring them around her waist to show her figure, shortening them to accent her elegant height, and sometimes adding an accessory, here and there to really give them a little character.

More importantly, however, her hair and makeup were always on point. As the resident stylist, and default beauty guru, Sophia had the most glorious hair. She had blowouts that would rival that best dry bar in the country, and she always kept it that gorgeous shade of caramel.

I’m not sure how she had the time or resources to make this happen, but this magic also extended to her makeup. She always delivered the exact right shade of gloss to accentuate her “no-makeup” makeup and her lashes were always looking on point. She brought it, no matter the circumstances.

How to take it all in: Orange Is The New Black is a Netflix original, so all six seasons are ready for you to binge right now. The show does a really good job of offering a wide breadth of women who are keeping it tight and right, but Sophia is always the most well-appointed, this tracks along with the real life actress, Laverne Cox. She is always, always fly.