25 Black TV icons whose fashion game was always on point

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Look no further for your 2019 fashion inspiration. These Black fashion television icons are serving up the best style and design.

It’s no secret that we look to our favorite TV shows for style motivation, but this list is meant to spotlight some of our favorite fashion icons of color. Spanning the decades of television history, African-American characters have been giving us the best in fashion since the beginning.

From the wide-leg corduroys of the ’70s, to the giant shoulder pads of the’80s, to the modern takes on furs and prints, these characters know how to carve out a place with style and grace. Some are iconoclasts of the TV canon, while others are just chugging along, slaying in less notoriety. Whichever the case, any one of the folks on this list will make you rethink that closet of yours.

Take in the list, let me know what you think, and then bust out that credit card and hit the stores. Any of us could do a lot worse than to look like Wilona Woods from Good Times or Rainbow Johnson from Blackish. Tweet me your suggestions, or leave them here in the comments.

Olivia Pope – Scandal

What we know: This lady has swagger. There’s just no getting around her BDE. She’s known for being bold, giving zero effs when it comes to getting what she wants, and let’s face it, she usually gets what she wants. She’s downright fearless, and she is about as confident as they come. We know she’s got lots of men walking around in a heart-eyed emoji haze in Washington. Truthfully, if you look too long and hard, there’s a chance you might just burn those retinas right out of your head.

What we see: Sexy conservative. She keeps it (mostly) buttoned down, but she’s not afraid to show off a little skin. Those legs are no joke, so those pencil skirts have to be tight and short enough to give us major calf-game. The power walks around Washington on those killer heels, so it’s no surprise she’s got gams for days.

She’s also unafraid to flash a bit of shoulder – single-handedly making the clavicle the sexiest part of the bod. However, her sexiest, and most recognizable look comes in the form of a white trench coat. In fact, there was a time in recent history in which you couldn’t find this look in stores, thanks to Olivia Pope.

How to take it all in: Thankfully, Netflix has all seven seasons of Kerry Washington’s swag for your enjoyment. The costume designer for this show should win all the awards, because she often goes through multiple outfits per episode, and she is constantly serving looks through it all.