Star Wars Resistance preview: The First Order wants the Colossus


The First Order is advancing forward on the playing field and the Colossus is one of their prime targets. See what Kaz and Yeager have to say about it in this preview of the upcoming episode.

When Star Wars Resistance first started, the Colossus was advertised repeatedly as a refueling platform. It’s a location where ships come and go. Even the voice actors on multiple occasions called it a giant pitstop in space. It makes sense the First Order is after the Colossus because of its strategic location and because of its main function as a place to fuel ships.

Even though we put together these pieces in a past article, the characters within the show are still trying to make the connections and find answers.

In this recent preview, Kaz manages to get his hands on a data rod with pertinent information. It’s something concrete that could give them a slight advantage. If Yeager’s reading it correctly, the First Order has a fleet of ships headed their way.

Kaz thinks that’s impossible, since the New Republic fleet doesn’t have that many ships. To be honest, Kaz shouldn’t be surprised about what the First Order does anymore. He and Poe discovered how the First Order had been mining for dedlanite in the Unknown Regions. They’ve been making weapons without anyone suspecting a thing. Well, except for General Organa. By this point in the series, he should know the New Republic is outgunned and incapable of fighting back against the First Order, especially given his military background.

Watch Yeager and Kaz discuss the First Order’s movements in this recent preview:

On the other hand, Kaz is a young guy. He grew up during a time of peace and prosperity. He’s the type of guy who has optimism for the future because he hasn’t been horribly scarred by the harsh realities of life. We get the feeling he’s going to become aware of those harsh realities soon, but for now, the First Order seems manageable to him. He sees the Resistance as the heroes who are going to swoop in and stop the bad guys, but we know it’s not that simple.

As for the First Order’s plans for the Colossus, we hate to say we told you so, but we told you so! Back in October, we mentioned how the Colossus could be an essential resource for the First Order because it’s capable of being a refueling station for its massive fleet. The Colossus also used to be an Imperial station and it might have served the same purpose. Why reinvent the wheel if you can just use what already exists?

The one thing that doesn’t make sense to us is why the Colossus itself isn’t an oil rig type of station, pumping out raw fuel and refining it along the way. Instead, the Colossus has to import fuel in order to function. It’s like a gas station in the middle of nowhere. If it doesn’t get the gasoline it needs to stay in operation, it’ll close down.

At the end of the day, what will make it difficult for the First Order to use this station is the amount of people living in it. The residents of the Colossus will be a major hindrance to First Order activity, especially when discomfort and resistance start to grow. And like Kaz said, the First Order might even destroy the people on the station in order to get what they want. That’s a scary thing to think about, so we’ll have to wait and see how the people of the Colossus plan to fight back.

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