Brooklyn Nine-Nine review: Doug Judy needs the Nine-Nine’s help


Doug Judy needs Jake’s help when he has to fake his death on this week’s Brooklyn Nine-Nine , while and the rest of the crew is trying to save Shaw’s!

Trudy Judy and Doug Judy are caught up with the Nine-Nine on this week’s Brooklyn Nine-Nine. When Doug Judy has to fake his death in order to not be murdered, Jake and Terry have to help get a car back that someone thinks he stole.

The best part is that Doug Judy has a copycat. When they see who stole the car, they’re shocked that Judy is dead and didn’t do it himself, so when he shows up to help Jake and Terry, his alibi checks out. That done, they still have to figure out who stole the car.

Unfortunately, his copycat is pretty close to home. His sister, Trudy Judy, is a nursing student who fell behind on her payments and found his old notebook and is using it to help her get out of debt by stealing cars the way that her brother used to.

That … isn’t great, but it also means they know who stole the car and can go return it and let Doug Judy be free. That is, if Trudy didn’t blow it up. While Doug Judy may be clean now, that doesn’t mean his sister is. Never really going to nursing school, Trudy Judy tricks Jake, Terry, and Doug by convincing them she’s innocent, then causing a distraction by blowing up the car, and finally fleeing just like her brother was known to do.

Meanwhile, the rest of the the Nine-Nine is busy working on keeping Shaw’s bar as their own. The firefighters come and claim that they are now naming Shaw’s as their bar since one of their own burned down their normal bar they go to. Rosa, Amy, Boyle, and more of the crew make it their mission to rack up a higher bar tab.

The captain thinks that this is an idiotic task and leaves, meaning only five of them have to fight.  That is until Rosa drunkenly calls Holt and says that he doesn’t care about what makes his team happy. So, to prove that he does, Holt comes back and makes sure that his team knows that he is on their side and drinks entire bottles of wine so that they can win (including one that was warm and sitting on a radiator).

Much like every episode of Brooklyn Nine-Nine, the heart of it is that this group of coworkers love each other more than anything. They worked together to get through a car theft, they banded together to beat the firefighters, and, at the end of the day, they were just there for each other to make sure they were all happy.

Brooklyn Nine-Nine is a brilliant show and this episode shows just how much a silly episode like this can still mean a lot.

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