Here’s why Harry Potter Book Night is a must for Potterheads


Harry Potter Book Night is a must for any Potterhead. Let’s talk about why tonight is a night for celebration, and why you should join in!

A long, long time ago, as I stood in line to buy book 5 (and 6 and 7), I never imagined that Harry Potter Book Night, a night to celebrate not just the series we all fell in love with but the actual act of reading these books, would be a thing.

But here we are!

The celebration, now in its 6th year, was the brainchild of UK Harry Potter publisher Bloomsbury. And with each new year, there is a new theme. 2019’s theme being: Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry.

Can you imagine? A night that’s just about celebrating your favorite books, dressing up, and meeting other people who have just as many opinions about this subject as you do?

It’s like a geeky dream come true.

But it’s not just about the theme, the decorations, the artists, or even the food promised in some of these gatherings, it’s the atmosphere. Because Harry Potter Book Night is a chance to come together with other Harry Potter fans, to share, to form a community.

When I started reading these books, I was a teenager around Harry’s age. I read them by myself, and then with my sister, but with only four books out of seven out, I needed someone to speculate with – I needed other geeks like me.

So I went online, I scoured message boards and fan sites, and I found my people. I would have loved to find them in person, but back then, I didn’t know how to, because there was no event like this one.

No safe way to connect other than the internet.

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I don’t regret going online, and I will forever treasure the Harry Potter fandom and the friends I made through it, but I would have truly enjoyed having a safe space to discuss what Hogwarts House the Sorting hat would have placed me on.

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Or why Remus Lupin was the best character in this series, Harry and Ginny were foreshadowed from the beginning and Severus Snape wasn’t a hero or a villain, he was just human.

Though, and I can imagine a few of you are narrowing your eyes and ready to fight me, so there’s that. The internet will always be a place for these kinds of spirited discussions. That doesn’t mean we can’t have them in person as well!

And the best part of Harry Potter Book Night? It’s not just happening in the UK, there are events scheduled for all over the world. You can check them out the event map here.

Remember, this is a yearly event, so even if you missed out on the celebration this year, you can always make plans for 2020, or join the conversation online by using the hashtag #HarryPotterBookNight.

I can just picture Hermione giving this whole idea a standing ovation. And if we Potterheads know one thing is that, when it comes to books, we go where Hermione goes.

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Will you be attending a Harry Potter Book Night Event?