Grindelwald is the worst in a whole group of terrible men


It is easy for us to sit and think that Grindelwald is powerful because of his very clear goals but, in the end, he’s the worst out of all the villains we have.

At the end of the day, Grindelwald is the worst. He’s racist, a cult leader, and someone who clearly needs to be stopped. So saying he is, in any way, the better of the Harry Potter villains is extremely out there.

If anything, he’s the biggest monster of them all. Voldemort probably wouldn’t have gotten the idea if Grindelwald hadn’t been the first to start it. He put the idea out there, showed that a war was coming and that the muggles were always going to to be at the root of it.

So he helped facilitate the idea in young Tom Riddle’s head that the muggles were less than the wizards. It isn’t just that Grindelwald was the mess that he was either, he also is just a terrible person who would willingly hurt his friends and those people he supposedly ‘cares’ about in order to get to his end goal.

Sure, the Potter series has a lot of characters that only care about their means and they usually get their time to see why they are wrong but Grindelwald takes it to such an extreme that it is almost terrifying to see what his ideas can do (since we know how they affect the future).

At the end of the day, all the villains are terrible but Grindelwald is maybe one of the worst ones in the entire Harry Potter series.

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