Everything we need to watch out for in Shadowhunters season 3B


The Final Hunt is about to begin on Shadowhunters, and it’s going to be epic. You might want to keep an eye out for a few specific things though.

Shadowhunters is officially back with its final episodes on February 25th, and with them, the final hunt begins.

The Mother of all demons is gone, but her child is not. Jonathan Morgenstern is ready to wreak some havoc on the world, that much is clear. What else should we expect? According to the full trailer for 3B, a lot.

If you haven’t seen it yet, check it out below.

Now let’s pick it apart. There are some very specific moments in this trailer that could mean a lot for the final episodes of Shadowhunters.

Jonathan’s true form

So the good news is Clary survived that rooftop blast in the finale. We pretty much knew that, but it’s still good to have official confirmation. The bad news is, so did Jonathan. And he’s back “in the flesh.”

It’s our first real look at Clary’s brother, thanks to Lilith’s resurrection restoring his true face. Welcome to the party, Luke Baines! Please don’t blow everything to hell. Those black wings he has aren’t a good sign, nor is the shot of him stabbing Jace, but a girl can dream, right?

Club scene

We only get a brief glimpse, but there appears to be a scene in this trailer of Jace trailing Clary through a club. This is a pivotal scene in the books, for multiple reasons… but let’s not give any spoilers.

It was memorable enough though that fans demanded more from Cassandra Clare, who authored the original series. She obliged, and so the “dirty sexy club scene” exists on the interwebs.  We’ll let her title of it fuel your Clace dreams.

Sizzy rises

Between Clary and Jace, and Alec and Magnus, there’s been no shortage of romance on the show. They’ve both faced considerable struggles, and it looks like more are on the horizon.

But for those who read the books, one important ship has been missing: Sizzy. Writers seemed to allude to the possibility early in season one, with Isabelle describing Simon as “kind of nerd hot.” Still, the general focus for Izzy has been Meliorn or Raphael. At least, until now.

As Simon appears to be dying in the Seelie Court — something that may not be as terrifying as it seems, we’ll get into it — Isabelle pleads “Come back to me Simon. You have so much more to live for.” Cut to a shot of them kissing.

Sizzy fans, we ride at dawn.

Heavenly Fire

To bring down someone — or rather, something – as strong as  Jonathan, it’s going to take something extraordinary, and probably divine. Notice how our Shadowhunter crew seems to be using more than just their stele in these clips?

Clary and Izzy have flaming swords at their disposal during what is hopefully a sparring session. That’s not the only time the weapon pops up though. Later in the trailer, Jace appears to be lunging at someone with a similar tool.

Eagle-eyed book readers might dub that as the sword-bearing Heavenly Fire. This half of the season is said to be based on the final book in the series, City of Heavenly Fire. Could this be a peek at the moment Jonathan is destroyed once and for all?

Demon Clary

Let’s circle back to that moment where Clary and Isabelle are dueling. This definitely could be just a sparring session between the two… out in the forest… in full mission gear… ending with Clary pinning Isabelle to the ground at sword-point. Okay fine, it’s not promising, and it’s very out of character for Clary.

Then again, so is holding a knife to Jace’s throat, claiming “This is who I am.” The Clary Fray we know wouldn’t do this. Of course, maybe she’s not the Clary Fray we know. If the end of the trailer is any indication, Demon Clary is almost certain to make an appearance.

Quick Hits

  • Simon’s death – Would the Seelie Queen really let her treasured Daylighter die? She did ask him to return to the Seelie Court for a  reason.
  • No-Magic Magnus – Remember, in order to help Jace, Magnus gave up his magic. That’s going to be a huge adjustment. Fortunately, he has Alec, and it looks we’ll get to see a sweaty training session or two. Still, there’s definitely a shot of what looks like a female warlock hand trying to revive him. Maybe he’ll get his powers back, or maybe he’s in some real trouble.
  • Pack leader Maia – Luke clearly says “I’m looking at all the leader the pack needs, right here in front of me” leading into a clip of Maia kicking serious butt. I’m very here for her taking over the New York pack.
  • Lilith isn’t gone – You can’t destroy a Greater Demon, you can only banish them back to Edom. Executive producer Todd Slavkin has confirmed that we’ll see her again!
  • Neither is Asmodeus – Also confirmed by Slavkin to have appearances
  • Neither is Raphael! – A quick gif from the official Shadowhunters twitter shows he’s still around

There’s sure to be plenty more to unpack, but until the season officially starts, let’s let all this simmer.

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Shadowhunters returns on Monday, February 25, at 8 p.m. ET on Freeform.