Crazy Ex-Girlfriend preview: Paula is still in the hospital and Rebecca wants a nap


Paula and Rebecca are going to take care of themselves now but it is still a long road to recovery on Crazy Ex-Girlfriend this week. Rebecca, she just wants a nap.

Crazy Ex-Girlfriend brought us an important message last week: We have to take care of ourselves.

Whether it is going to our sessions with our therapist or listening to our bodies, the show focused on Rebecca and Paula and how they continually brushed off the necessary aspects of their health.

It forced Rebecca back into group therapy and into taking her medications while Paula is in the hospital after suffering a heart attack. So, what does that mean for this week? Rebecca still has a way to go with her medication and with opening up. Her and Greg had a fight and, as far as we know, he has no idea what has been going on with his girlfriend.

As for Paula, she still has a lot of recovery ahead of her. She had a heart attack so she isn’t going to jump instantly back into preparing for the bar exam and going through everyone else’s problems before her own. The two have quite a lot of work ahead of them and, it seems, that they are still adjusting to not putting others before themselves.

From what we can tell, Rebecca wants to be there with Paula no matter what but, with her own recovery, it is a little hard and maybe Rebecca still needs to learn that self-care has to come first. Sure, she has a long road ahead of her and Paula needs help right now but that doesn’t discount what Rebecca went through last week either.

So, can these two actually stop and do what is necessary for their well-being? It’ll probably take some time, and maybe even a break from one another to show them that they can’t always put their best friend first.

But it is Paula and Rebecca so it’ll probably take a lot of their friends to tell them they need to relax.

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