20 music documentaries you must watch if you liked A Star is Born

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One Direction: This is Us

Now time for something completely different! One Direction is one of the biggest boy bands to ever hit the scene, and their success was almost instant. After appearing on The X Factor in the UK, they blew up. In true boy band fashion, they put their names on everything. They released dolls, perfumes, clothing, books, and, in 2013, they released a 3D concert movie which gave fans a glimpse into their hectic lives.

The film was advertised as an all-access look into the lives of Harry, Louis, Liam, and Niall as they headed out on their Take Me Home Tour. The film featured live concert footage, as well as archival footage and home movies from before they were famous. They went from being normal boys from England and Ireland to the biggest boy-banders in the world, so it’s quite an adjustment.

This is Us also gives insight into what exactly it’s like to be in One Direction. Though it wasn’t exactly as raw as Katy Perry’s Part of Me, which featured the breakdown of her marriage, it was still enough to keep fans happy. The trailer to the film actually featured fan videos, talking about how the band impacted them and how much they mean to them.