Star Wars Resistance: Where will Synara go next?


Kaz helped Synara escape the Colossus in this week’s episode of Star Wars Resistance. We’re sad to see her go, but will this be the last time we see her?

Things don’t go according to plan for Synara in “The First Order Occupation.” The pirates refuse to endanger their lives by extracting her, and the station is under lockdown, so she’s unable to secure a means of transportation. Without realizing it, her only source for an escape is through Kaz. Fortunately for her, he’s more than willing to help.

Once she escapes, Kragan arrives to pick her up and says, “Looks like you’re ready to come home.” Synara replies, “Yes, more than ever, Kragan. More than ever.” While her mouth says one thing, her expression says something else. It’s almost as if she’s hesitant to go back with them, especially after living an honest life on the Colossus.

What’s next for Synara? Is she only using Kragan to get off Castilon and find a way out of the pirate gang? We could see her stealing a ship when he and the other pirates aren’t looking and making a better name and life for herself somewhere else. She’d have to start from scratch and that’s never easy.

Then again, pirates are an unpredictable bunch. What if Synara stirs up a mutiny and she takes over as the leader? She’s more than capable of doing so. She’d also retain the resources needed to do things her way instead of starting from scratch somewhere else. The fact of the matter is we don’t know what Synara will do and whether we’ll see her again.

If she does turn up in the near future, it’ll be because of her positive experiences on the Colossus and how Kaz said she’s a good person. She left a handful of loving friends behind on the station, so we like to think she’d come back to them, especially if they needed help.

This might be an odd comparison to make, but she could be the Honda Ohnaka of the series. Hondo started off as a selfish and uncaring pirate in Star Wars: The Clone Wars, but he eventually became an ally to the Ghost crew in Star Wars Rebels. It looks like Synara is on her way to becoming something like that.

STAR WARS RESISTANCE – “Bibo” – Neeku adopts a strange sea creature and gets way more than he bargained for when it brings chaos to the platform. This episode of “Star Wars Resistance” airs Sunday, Jan. 13 (10:00 – 10:30 P.M. EST) on Disney Channel. (Disney Channel)

A detail we found interesting during her escape was the giant rokkna from “Bibo” sleeping nearby. Synara played an important role in that episode by protecting the station. Its appearance in the background could be a reminder of what she did in the past, but maybe it’s a foreshadow of what’s to come.

She knows what it would take to agitate the rokkna (stealing its offspring, like Bibo), so if she ever needed to use the creature as a line of defense against the First Order, she’d know where to look. The idea of her turning up in their hour of need with the rokkna at her side is a wild and far-fetched theory, but crazier things have happened in Star Wars.

The point is Synara has a lot of potential, and we’d hate to see her disappear entirely. In a way, her departure from the show reminds us of Sabine’s brief departure in season 3 of Star Wars Rebels. Sabine said goodbye to Kanan and Ezra and stayed behind with her family on Krownest in an attempt to help her people. She eventually returned to the Ghost crew when Ezra sought her help in the season 3 finale.

Will Synara turn up unexpectedly in the remaining episodes of this season? Or will her thread continue in the second season later this fall? An even crazier thought, what if Kaz inspires her to join the Resistance down the line? She’s a fearless warrior and the Resistance could use more people like her, especially as the First Order continues to spread across the galaxy.

Again, she‘s a character with so much potential, and we’re eager to find out what the creative team behind Star Wars Resistance has in store for her.

The next episode of Star Wars Resistance, “The New Trooper,” airs on Sunday, Feb. 10, on Disney Channel at 10 p.m. EST and on DisneyNOW.

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