Katy Keene could finally give Riverdale’s Josie a chance to shine


With Riverdale getting a spin-off in the form of the new Katy Keene series, we have wondered who could make an appearance. And now we know Josie is leaving the nest for the big city.

Since the first season of Riverdale, Josie has proven that she can steal a scene when given the chance (she rarely is), and whether she is with the Pussycats or on her own, she has the vocal skills to capture our attentions. And now that the series is getting a Katy Keene spin-off, we have learned that this might just be Josie’s time to shine (finally).

As TVLine reported, if The CW decides to move forward with the Katy Keene series, then the new show will be snagging our resident songbird from Riverdale. And while we may miss her being a part of the many mysteries and dramas that always seem to follow Archie, Veronica, Jughead, and Betty, we can’t help but think this is a really good thing.

Since the beginning, Josie has shown that she can be there for her friends. And at the same time, she has her own passions and dreams. And while she has been able to do a few things with her voice and talents, it is rare that Riverdale really gives her a chance to shine the way she deserves.

With Katy Keene set to be a musical style series, Ashleigh Murray’s Josie is the perfect fit for the show. In the comics, music has always been Josie’s thing, and in Riverdale, the last time it really felt like we saw her as a singer with a real future in music was in the first season. And sure, we can always point to her singing at Veronica’s nightclub as her continuing to pursue her dreams, but we haven’t seen it often enough for it to even count.

But with the potential on the Katy Keene series, we might finally see Josie doing what she loves, rather than being a throw-away character, left in the corner and pulled out to play when we need a little singing or someone needs a break from the spotlight. And what better place for Josie to shine and showcase her musical talents than in New York City? At least in the city, we know that she will have opportunities that Riverdale just doesn’t have. (We’re looking at you, Broadway!)

Will we be sad to see Josie leaving Riverdale? Of course we will. It is always sad to have one of our original characters leaving any show, and Josie has been here since day one. But, with how many stories and characters seem to be stealing the show on Riverdale, it is time for Josie to get some meaty stories and actual character depth. And that’s exactly what we expect to see on Katy Keene, a chance for Josie to take center stage (even if she is sharing that stage with some other characters).

It is about time for Josie to be a star. After all, Josie has had her own series in the comics, Josie and the Pussycats. And even if she doesn’t head to New York with the Pussycats as they are now, we can totally see her rebranding herself and finding a way to be a solo singer over being a leading singer in a group.

Maybe it is just us, but we think it is time for at least one bird to fly away from the nest that is Riverdale. And we are happy it is going to be Josie, as this means she will finally get the chance to be in the spotlight, rather than play a supporting character.

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What do you think of Josie heading to New York City and the Katy Keene series? Do you think this is the right choice? How do you think Josie will shine in a more leading role? Tell us what you think in the comments.