10 last-minute Valentine’s Day gifts for the nerd in your life


Valentine’s Day often creeps up on us, but that doesn’t mean you can’t buy your significant other a gift that’s adorable and nerdy.

With so much happening at the beginning of the year, Valentine’s Day has a tendency to creep up on the majority of us. And with the holiday being so close to Christmas and the holiday season, it can be far too easy to put off buying a gift for your valentine — at least until you realize that the big day is around the corner and you’re still empty-handed.

Thankfully, there are plenty of adorable last-minute gift options on the internet, especially if your valentine is a pop culture geek. These 10 gifts are sure to put a smile on your significant other’s face—although you’d better order them quickly if you want them here for Valentine’s Day!

Plush Dragon Bouquet

Why get your significant other a last-minute flower bouquet when you can get them a bouquet of plush dragons instead? Any true fantasy lover will geek out over this arrangement, and these dragons will last way longer than a bunch of flowers.

If your loved one isn’t big on fantasy, you can also get them bouquets of cats, books, and even microbes. ThinkGeek has an assortment for everybody!

Price: $29.99

Star Wars Plush Bouquet

If you’re looking for more than just a generically geeky bouquet, ThinkGeek also sells Star Wars plush arrangements. Instead of flowers, you can give your valentine a cone filled with plush versions of all their favorite characters. This is definitely the gift you’re looking for.

Price: $59.99

Pokémon Poké Ball Waffle Maker

If your valentine is a Pokémon master, this Poké Ball waffle maker will make the perfect gift for them. Everyone knows waffles are the sweetest way to show your affection, and you can even surprise your significant other with breakfast before handing this over. Bonus points if you yell “I choose you!” before serving them.

Price: $34.99

Marvel Deadpool Taco Truck Taco Holder – BoxLunch Exclusive. Image via BoxLunch.com.

Marvel Deadpool Taco Truck Taco Holder

It’s a fact: Couples who make tacos together stay together. And if your valentine is a big fan of Taco Tuesday, they’ll adore this Deadpool-inspired taco holder. It’s a great addition to any geeky kitchen, and it can probably fit chimichangas too—meaning Deadpool would most certainly approve.

Price: $24.90

Rugrats Reptar Plush Slippers

If you’re stuck on what to get your Valentine’s Day this year, a pair of slippers is almost always a safe bet. After all, who doesn’t like throwing on warm slippers before snuggling up with a movie or a new Netflix series? These Reptar slippers are perfect for Nickelodeon fans, and they’re a pretty solid excuse to binge a few seasons of Rugrats too.

Price: $39.99

WALL-E and EVE Magic Mug. Image via ShopDisney.com.

WALL-E and EVE Magic Mug

There’s nothing more romantic than Disney, and WALL-E and EVE are relationship goals for plenty of us. If your valentine is a Disney fanatic, this coffee mug is the perfect way to let them know that they’re the WALL-E to your EVE—or vice versa.

Price: $19.95


Star Wars Princess Leia & Han Solo Gold Foil Mug Set

If you’re looking to go the coffee mug route, you can also get your valentine a couple’s mug set. These Star Wars mugs feature Leia and Han Solo, with one mug saying “I love you” and the other reading “I know.” These iconic lines never get old, and they allow you to tell your valentine how much you love them through Star Wars quotes. What’s cooler than that?

Price: $20.93

Super Mario Yoshi Lounger

There are still a few more weeks of winter after Valentine’s Day, so why not get your significant other a onesie they can snuggle up in? This Super Mario Yoshi Lounger is perfect for staying warm on those cold nights, and your S.O. will probably look adorable in it.

And if you’re really feeling the Mario-themed snuggle session, you can grab a Bowser, Mario, or Luigi onesie for yourself, too.

Price: $39.99

POP Movies: Fantastic Beasts Baby Nifflers

If you’re looking for something cute to give a Harry Potter fan for Valentine’s Day, there’s really nothing more adorable than a pair of baby Nifflers. These two will make an endearing addition to their Funko Pop! collection. And who wouldn’t want to see them sitting around the house?

Price: $19.95

Doctor Who Starry Night Throw Blanket. Image via BoxLunch.com.

Doctor Who Starry Night Throw Blanket

Getting your valentine a new blanket is a great way to initiate a snuggle session, and this Doctor Who blanket is too gorgeous to pass up. Not only will this blanket make your valentine wish they could take off in the TARDIS with the Doctor, but it’ll probably make them want to watch a few episodes of the series—which is really just a win-win situation for everyone involved.

Price: $29.90

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