Tom Brady and Julian Edelman fall for the magic of Disney World parades


Every day, the Walt Disney World parades bring smiles to thousands of theme park guests. For the celebrities in those parades like Tom Brady, the moment is even more magical.

How many Walt Disney World parades have you seen? On a daily basis, the Disney magic is on full display throughout the Disney theme parks. From one end of the park to the other, the music turns on and the crowd ignites in cheers. When celebrities are part of those Disney Parades, the magic and wonder are magnified.

From winning the Super Bowl to hoisting the World Series trophy, many Disney Parades mark a triumphant celebration of a huge accomplishment. Before the teams head home to their city’s celebration, usually a stop at Disney starts the celebratory tour.

On Monday, Tom Brady and Julian Edelman headed straight to Walt Disney World after their Super Bowl LIII victory. That classic post-Super Bowl win commercial was seen by millions. Yes, they were going to Disney World. While the pair had epic adventures throughout the Disney Parks, including an amazing lightsaber battle, the event was capped off with the traditional Disney celebratory parade.

Both Patriots and non-Patriots fans lined up along Main Street to catch of glimpse of these star athletes. With Mickey by their side, it was a special moment for everyone involved. Somehow even these athletes, even one considered the Greatest of All Time, felt and looked like a kid again.

Both Brady and Edelman even had a little fun celebrating and promoting Galaxy’s Edge (Disney’s Star Wars-themed area that’s opening later this year) with a one-on-one lightsaber battle. And no matter what you think about Brady, Edelman or the rest of the Patriots, you have to admit: they make good Jedi, too.

While I wasn’t at this parade celebration, previously, I had the opportunity to see a Pro Bowl celebratory parade. Having seen many Disney parades, I wasn’t expecting this event to be so different from the daily event. But, I was greatly wrong.

As the special car hits its mark, the sea of confetti explodes across the crystal blue sky. While the carefully orchestrated moment is perfectly choreographed, everyone only sees the smiles, the joy and the magic. Sure, every parade is special, but the expressions on these athletes’ faces make everyone want to join in the celebration.

Watching pro athletes in this moment of celebratory exuberance showed the relatability of these athletes. Of course, I will never play in a professional football game or raise a championship trophy, but I can relate to that moment of pure, almost child-like elation.

Celebrating a goal attained is a feeling that most people can understand. Somehow bringing that accomplishment to the most magical place on earth makes it the ultimate event. The smiles cannot be hidden.

Often people look at these celebrities with a sense of awe and wonder. They don’t necessarily seem real and definitely don’t have the same experiences as a normal person. But, for those moments at a Disney Park, everyone is the same. When that pixie dust floats in the air, everyone can relate to the magic.

Although these special Walt Disney World parades aren’t a daily occurrence, the regular parades have their own sense of magic that cannot be underestimated. When a child waves at their favorite princess or Mickey seems to be smiling just at them, that parade effect is real. The memory is etched forever.

More importantly, that moment creates a forever bond, and in a way a fandom. While the first moment may not be recreated, that special feeling is sought again and again. It could be another visit, vacation or just flipping through photos of the experience.

Even more so, that moment is often passed on. How many parents, family members and friends have created more memories by bringing others to see these Disney parades? From talking about to sharing the experience, the moment bonds people together, as well as bonds them to the Disney magic.

Celebrities are not immune from these experiences. While not every celebrity who enters the theme parks gets their own parade, they are affected by the Disney magic. Just look at how often celebrities visit Disney parks. From birthdays to family events, celebrities line up just like normal people to share in that Disney magic.

Of course, some people might not appreciate the Disney experience. Even if their favorite sports team was parading down Main Street, they might prefer to watch from afar or not watch at all. But, it is hard to deny the joyful expressions in the pictures.

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On your next visit to a Disney theme park, don’t overlook the Walt Disney World parades. Even if celebrities aren’t riding around Cinderella’s castle, the magical moments watching the parade pass by might be the ones that you cherish forever.