Honestly Hermione Granger shouldn’t have been diminished to a love interest


Many of us remember the ship wars of the Harry Potter era but at the focal point of many was Hermione Granger. And why did we diminish her brilliance to a love interest?

When it comes to Hermione Granger, a lot of us saw ourselves in her. So that means that when we shipped her with characters, it was usually because that’s who we loved in the series. That being said, why did we turn her into the love interest for everyone when she was a much more interesting character?

There is something about our ‘shipping’ minds that diminishes characters (typically women) to just being a love interest for someone else. Sure, Hermione is an exception because even in Harry Potter and the Cursed Child, when she is a mother and wife, she’s the Minister of Magic and just as amazing as she was in the series.

Still, though, we turned her into the character that could be with anyone. Draco and Hermione? They had their fans. Hermione and Harry? Some of the biggest group of supporters out there. Obviously, there was Ron and Hermione and even a few Ginny and Hermione shippers at the time. And through all that, none of us just thought to let Hermione Granger be this amazing character without tying her storyline to someone else and their needs and desires.

Hermione was so much more than just a love interest but, at the end of the day, many of us shipped her with countless other characters. Why? Who knows but we should always remember to respect the brilliance that she had.

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