Crazy Ex-Girlfriend: Rebecca and Paula take their health seriously, and so should we


With both Rebecca and Paula running into health problems, they have to start to take themselves seriously on Crazy Ex-Girlfriend — because self-care is important too.

Paula is clearly stressed, Rebecca stopped going to group, and this week’s Crazy Ex-Girlfriend proved that self-care is just as important as everything else going on in our lives. Though she still has to take the bar exam, Paula is balancing a lot on her plate, even before everyone keeps telling her to go to the doctor.

She thinks that she is going through menopause but realizes that there may be something else wrong when she tells the doctor her symptoms. Luckily for her, she goes to the hospital, and her heart attack is caught before anything dire can happen to Paula.

Meanwhile, Rebecca has made it clear that she’s not going to group and not taking her recovery seriously anymore. Sure, after her diagnosis, she began to get better and was taking everything she had to do seriously. But she has a problem with pills. When she took them in New York, she felt like a zombie. When she took them at her mom’s, she felt like a zombie. As a result, she doesn’t want to take them now.

It’s clear throughout the episode that Rebecca realizes that she can’t just let herself continue to be destructive when she doesn’t understand what’s going on around her. When Greg and Rebecca go to the water park and Greg doesn’t have fun, Rebecca fights him and calls him names before attempting to sleep with both Nathaniel and Josh.

This was always her way in the past. She would get back at someone by sleeping with someone else, being destructive to her relationship and herself. So, by the end of the episode, Rebecca finally goes back to Dr. Shin and starts to take her recovery seriously again.

The important message from this episode is that we should all take our own self-care into consideration as well. For Paula, she always focuses on everyone else and never really stops to do what she needs. We saw in this episode why that isn’t a good thing. Paula’s neglect of her own health resulted in her nearly dying.

Rebecca is trying to get revenge on Greg by hurting him and their relationship rather than talking things through. Now that she is taking her pills and going back to group, maybe she can work on herself first. Then she can worry about Greg and their relationship that was just starting.

Taking care of ourselves and making sure we’re okay is extremely important. Many of us make sure those around us are healthy and okay first while putting ourselves second. That’s not necessarily a good thing. We need to work on making sure we’re healthy and comfortable as well, and sometimes, it takes things like Paula being forced to go to the doctor or Rebecca seeing herself spiraling to remind us all that we’re important too.

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