Crazy Ex-Girlfriend review: Self-care is still extremely important for us all


This week on Crazy Ex-Girlfriend, we’re reminded that it is important to take care of ourselves while still trying to maintain our own relationships and happiness.

Rebecca is struggling with not going to therapy, Paula is stressed out, and on this week’s Crazy Ex-Girlfriend, we learned that self-care is important even when you think that you have too much to be doing all at the same time.

First, Rebecca and Greg are seemingly happy. Though Greg is… well, still Greg, he decides to go to Raging Rapids with Rebecca because she really wants to go. The entire time they’re planning, he keeps reminding her that he doesn’t like the park and doesn’t want to go on rides but she keeps forcing the issue. Even when he sings her a song about how he’s doing this all for her, she gets mad at him for not enjoying himself.

So when Greg gives Rebecca some space to be in her own mind, she starts to spiral. She tries to sleep with Nathaniel and Josh, both of which turn her down, and she soon realizes what a mistake she is making. So, she goes back to the doctor and finally starts to take some medication to help balance out her treatments.

Meanwhile, Paula is working herself sick. While she’s studying for the bar, she is trying to help Rebecca’s friends from prison and still raise a family and maintain her job. All the stress of overworking herself and worrying about everyone finally gets to Paula and so Scott tells her to go see the doctor.

Lucky for Paula, the doctor figures out that she is having a heart attack and is quick to admit her to the hospital in enough time to save her life. But the message of this episode is very clear and a very real exploration of what we have to do for ourselves from time to time.

Both Rebecca and Paula were being selfish in a way that didn’t benefit either of them. Rebecca thought that because she seemed happy, she didn’t have to continue her treatments. Paula was working so hard that she ignored the messages her body was sending her to calm down.

Self-care isn’t about doing a face mask once a week and attempting to sleep enough. It is about making sure you are mentally healthy, that you’re eating properly and working out, and making sure you’re where you need to be to live the happiest and healthiest life.

Sure, it is easier said than done but this episode of Crazy Ex-Girlfriend is a great reminder that we need to stop and make sure we’re taking care of ourselves and our own happiness before we focus all our time and energy on those around us.

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Rebecca and Greg have things to work on, Paula has to take her health seriously, and a lot needs to change on Crazy Ex-Girlfriend. Check back here on Culturess for reviews, news, and more as we get closer to the series finale!