Star Wars Resistance preview: Stormtroopers on the Colossus


Captain Doza talks with Commander Pyre about the First Order’s presence on the Colossus in this latest preview of the next all-new episode of Star Wars Resistance.

The First Order has officially moved in, and even though they’re meant to protect the residents of the Colossus, Captain Doza is already facing a few problems. Apparently, Commander Pyre’s “peace-keeping forces” are stepping on Doza’s toes and going over his authority. As captain of the Colossus, it’s kind of insulting when a foreign body steps in and starts calling the shots.

Doza might be second-guessing his agreement with the First Order, but he believes the stormtroopers will be at the station only until the pirate threat is gone. Unbeknownst to him, the First Order has no intention of leaving. He’s also not aware of the previous alliance between the First Order and the pirates, which begs the question, will Synara tell him the truth?

Synara is the only one who knows what’s going on. She was present when Kragan and Major Vonreg spoke in “The Triple Dark,” so she knows the First Order occupation is a result of paid pirate activity. Not only that, but the First Order betrayed them. She could easily reveal the truth of the situation and bring down the First Order’s plan.

Then again, Synara could run the risk of getting arrested or worse. While we know she’s a good person, it would take a lot of courage to put that information out there. It could backfire on her, especially since she is a pirate and Doza would have no reason to believe her word.

Watch Doza and Pyre talk about the First Order occupation in this recent preview:

After Doza is done talking with Commander Pyre, 4D-M1N tries to reassure Doza by saying, “The Colossus has never been safer than it is now.” Doza still feels troubled by the occupation and his response is perfect, “But at what cost?”

When you’re dealing with the Devil, it always comes with a price. Doza knows this firsthand because of his past as an Imperial. He knows what the First Order is capable of doing because of its roots in the Empire.

We also understand why he didn’t reach out to the New Republic for help. Earlier in the season, Major Vonreg had pointed out how Doza would get in trouble with the New Republic for dealing in the black market and other illegal activities. That could potentially strip him of his title and position on the Colossus, but wouldn’t that be the lesser of two evils? Inviting the First Order to the Colossus is like knowingly walking into a pit of snakes and hoping they won’t bite you.

Then again, even if he told the New Republic about how the First Order was pressuring him into an unwanted alliance, the New Republic might not have done anything about it. The Senate believes they’re living in a time of peace. Some of them are also corrupt and letting First Order activity go under the radar. Doza is essentially stuck between a rock and hard place. He knows deep down inside the First Order isn’t going anywhere anytime soon and that troubles him.

Will he eventually find out the truth about the pirates collaborating with the First Order? What would he do with that information? Here’s hoping the episode dives into aspect of the story while Kaz helps Synara escape the Colossus.

Watch “The First Order Occupation” on Feb. 3 on the Disney Channel at 10 p.m. EST or on DisneyNOW.

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