15 literary tattoos that will inspire book lovers to get more ink

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Fictional worlds signpost

Readers who can’t imagine choosing just one book to tattoo to themselves don’t necessarily have to. After all, there are ways of combining bookish fandoms. This tattoo is a prime example of that, featuring a signpost directing readers to fictional worlds from several different fantasy series. Something like this is perfect for readers who love jumping into new fictional settings.

This particular tattoo features Narnia on top, one of the most well-known fantasy settings from C.S. Lewis’ stories. Hogwarts from Harry Potter is beneath it, followed by a sign for Idris, the magic capital from The Shadowhunter Chronicles. On the bottom, there’s a sign for Panem from The Hunger Games trilogy and the Seven Kingdoms from A Game of Thrones.

Of course, not everyone—or even most people—want to visit Panem or the Seven Kingdoms. But the great this about a tattoo like this is that readers can swap out the locations for those of their choosing. Middle-earth, Ravka, Fillory, and Wonderland are just a few other places that can be added to something like this.

This signpost is also coming out of a pile of open books, a creative touch by the artist who designed this piece. Since all of these places come from literature, it makes sense—plus, what reader wouldn’t love to see a pile of books every time they look down?