What would a television series about Harry Potter even entail?


We’ve often talked about what a television show about Harry Potter could be but what else would they include from the series if it really happened?

For years, fans have asked what it would be like if we did a Harry Potter television show. Each season could be one of the books and each episode a chapter. We could explore every aspect of the series and bring life to characters that we’ve never gotten to see before (like Peeves and Winky).

That being said, would it be a good thing? Look, as many problems as the movies have, they’re still pretty decent representations of the series. The story gets across, we know who is behind what, and we’re only missing small aspects of Harry’s story. Sure, things like S.P.E.W got left out and most of the ghosts didn’t have their chance to shine but we got to see Hogwarts brought to life and the tale of how the Boy Who Lived defeated Lord Voldemort was clear as day.

What new information could a show give us? Honestly, the show should focus on another aspect of the Harry Potter world if we’re ever going to get one. Tell the story of Nearly Headless Nick, take us back to the era of the Order of the Phoenix. Let us see a part of the wizarding world that we only heard mention of.

It is a series rich with history and a history that can be expanded on and explored more in-depth if we just let a television series surrounding Harry Potter happen.

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Do you think a television series about Harry Potter would do well? Or do we just leave it at the movies? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below!