The L Word revival: What we can’t wait to see when series returns


The L Word revival is set to premiere by the end of this year, and don’t worry, Shane is back. Here are a few of the things we want to see happen.

The L Word might not have been the best show to ever hit television, but it was groundbreaking in own its way. For many queer women, it was the only show around for a while that had any sort of representation at all. While it might be something that is joked about for all its problems, many of us LGBTQ women still think of the show fondly, despite its flaws.

We are living in a time full of television series revivals, and now it’s officially The L Word’s turn. Showtime has announced that it is reviving the show with eight new episodes for the first season. Fans can expect the series to premiere before the end of the year.

Some characters from the original show like Bette, Shane, and Alice will be back, and there will also be many new characters. The revival had been announced in 2017, but now we know it’s really happening, and we have a lot of thoughts and questions about what’s in store.

We’ve collected a short list of the things we want to see for the return.

More diversity and inclusion

The top of this list has to be having more diverse stories and using more inclusive language. The L Word struggled to include a diverse cast of people of color, so more diverse races and ethnicities are definitely needed.

We would also like to see more complex portrayals of sexuality. Alice, who was supposed to be bisexual on the series, was often met with snide remarks. Sexualities other than being a lesbian weren’t viewed very favorably on the show. We’d love to see a modern version that explores different sexualities and gender identities and does so in a respectful way. The L Word was also notoriously bad at handling transgender issues and characters and that definitely needs to change in the revival.

Lots more delicious, ridiculous drama

In many ways, The L Word was like a soap opera, just with a higher production value. While many fans like to make fun of the ridiculous twists and turns, the revival just wouldn’t be right without a lot of personal drama between the characters. While we could do with a little less over-the-top plotlines, we are still here for the relationship drama between the characters, and we want to see new, modern storylines within this premise.


“Girls in tight dresses who drag with mustaches…” Look, the theme song for this show is absolutely silly and laughable, but fans love it so much. If they update the theme song, we would at least love to see some sort of mention or moment that honors the original. The L Word just won’t be the same without this original song that every fan and can still sing to this day.

Sexy times, but done in a respectful way

Look, let’s be honest. The L Word was a series that provided many a sexual awakening. At the time, there weren’t many shows showing physical relationships, or romantic ones, between women. So, while sex shouldn’t be the focus of the show, we don’t want to see it be taken out either. However, the sex scenes definitely could be updated to be a little less unrealistic and a little more respectful, but we still want to see them.

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All right, L Word fans, what do you want to see in this revival? Share your thoughts with us in the comments!