Crazy Ex-Girlfriend preview: Everyone just needs to take a break


Rebecca and Greg have a lot to unpack, Paula is stressed out, and it seems as if everyone on Crazy Ex-Girlfriend just needs to take a moment to breathe.

Everything isn’t swell in West Covina as Rebecca and Greg have some things to work out on this week’s Crazy Ex-Girlfriend. Last time, we saw Nathaniel finally getting through his feelings for Rebecca and moving on in a more productive way (or at least we can hope). So what does this week have in store for us?

Apparently, everyone just needs to take a moment for themselves. Paula is stressed out at work and when Greg and Rebecca plan a day trip together, the two run into some problems that make their relaxing vacation a bit stressful.

Then again, it is a trip with Rebecca so how relaxing can it really be? Maybe there is something in the wind again (can the Santa Anas be coming back around?) or maybe it is just the general stress of life. Either way, it will be interesting to see what has everyone so up in arms.

Last week, we saw everyone starting to get their lives back on track but, much like life itself, it can’t all be perfect relationships and fun little karaoke numbers. And that’s one of the great things about this show. Even when people are in a happy and loving relationship, they’re still very real.

Valencia and Beth constantly support each other and are partners in both life and business but they have their problems too. Hopefully, that is what this trip shows Greg and Rebecca that they are going to have to learn how to be with each other in more ways than just their sex life.

Even if they don’t, hopefully, the episode is a fun look at stress and ways we can take a moment for ourselves.

Will Rebecca and Greg be okay? What is stressing out Paula? Find all that out and more on this week’s Crazy Ex-Girlfriend.

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