Haunting of Hill House’s Victoria Pedretti to star in You’s second season


Victoria Pedretti of Haunting of Hill House fame has been cast as the lead alongside Penn Badgley in season 2 of the thriller.

You, a series which originally aired on Lifetime but has now been picked up by Netflix, is in the process of getting ready for its second season. The first season offered a disturbing look at a relationship between a stalker and the women he manipulates into dating him.

At the end of the first season, the main female lead Beck, played Elizabeth Lail, is supposedly killed by book store owner and creepy stalker Joe, played by Penn Badgley.

Lail seems to have confirmed her character’s death, and while that happens in the book version of this story, we’re not sure what changes could happen for its television run. Nonetheless, it looks like a new woman will capture Joe’s attention.

Victoria Pedretti has been cast to play a new character alongside Badgley, and Netflix fans may remember her from her recent role as Nell Crain in The Haunting of Hill House. Although that was her first acting role, Pedretti will soon be seen in the upcoming film Once Upon a Time in Hollywood and the Apple series Amazing Stories.

According to Deadline, season 2 of You will be set in Los Angeles instead of New York City, and Pedretti is set to play a character named Love Quinn. This character is an aspiring chef who works as a manager at a grocery store and for added drama, has a complicated, grief-filled past.

With the information given, it’s likely the character will be the new love interest of the season, but we also bet there will be some sort of twist. She could figure out that something is wrong with Joe (Penn Badgley) earlier on and possibly have a hand in his being captured and put in jail. Honestly, we’re ready to see this guy punished for his sick behavior.

Another intriguing possibility would be that she herself is some sort of criminal or stalker, which could be a twist Joe does not see coming. Mix that with Beck from the show’s first season turning out to be alive, and season 2 could be full of plot twists and surprising moments. We can’t wait to see what’s next for You.

Pedretti has proven her ability to deliver a powerful performance with her work on The Haunting of Hill House, so we’re eager to see her bring that same depth in You as a woman with a haunted past.

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