Young Justice: Outsiders: Tara Markov could introduce The Judas Contract

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In defense of Terra (kind of)

Even though we’re Terra apologists, we can’t speak for Tara Markov’s anticipated villainous actions on Young Justice yet, seeing as she hasn’t done anything yet or been given the opportunity for redemption. In the comics, Terra was naturally vulnerable after she was disowned by her family. Without her family around, it’s understandable that she’d have a warped moral compass. Combined with her eagerness to be accepted by anyone and Deathstroke’s manipulation in general, she was bound to fail as a hero, at least the first time Terra debuted in the DC Comics scene.

Although the first Terra died after the contract crumbled, another version of Terra was reborn as a hero. Granted, Terra II was never Tara Markov, but because of some genetic modification, she mirrored the original Terra’s appearance. With her abilities to manipulate and move terrain, she was basically Terra just with an affinity for heroism. Since Terra II paralleled the real Tara Markov in many ways, she also met her demise during the Zero Hour crisis event.

Though Terra I and Terra II both died, the original Terra was also inevitably reborn (but as a sometimes hero, sometimes antihero, and sometimes villain). Beyond that, there have been other Terra, including a shapeshifter who briefly took on the original Terra’s form and Atlee (who donned the Terra alias).

Regardless of what versions of Terra the series decide to incorporate, Young Justice could use the tragic theme of death and pseudo-resurrection in Terra’s storyline to introduce the heroic version of herself (even if Terra II isn’t actually Tara Markov).

This would give Brion Markov a chance to grieve over his sister and gain some closure, as he did in Outsiders (1993), and would give the apparent copycat a chance to rebuild some relationships within the DC Universe Outsiders team. Regardless of what details Young Justice: Outsiders changes, there are some questionable plot points we don’t want to see the series retell.

Obviously, we hope that Young Justice doesn’t retrofit the gross relationship between her and Deathstroke. We understand that Terra’s origin as a villain started with Slade manipulating her when she was in a vulnerable state (because she’s been through a lot). However, we’re not ready to see Deathstroke take advantage of Terra in a romantic way, implicitly or otherwise.

Not to mention, we’ll never be ready to rehash the fallout from her infatuation with him either (you know, the fallout that made Terra into a stalker who willingly died in the aftermath of her battle against the Titans because Deathstroke rejected her).

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Whether Young Justice: Outsiders changes certain details in Tara Markov’s transition to Terra, The Judas Contract, or her overall central conflict, we hope that series will continue its theme of supplementing Terra’s narrative. Even if she does fall in line with her canon end at The Judas Contract, the series still has plenty of room to expand Terra’s character development. After all, there are still a lot of opportunities for both Terras.