Free screenings of Black Panther are coming to a theater near you


Marvel’s Black Panther will be hitting theaters once again to celebrate Black History Month with a few sweet deals to go with it.

Nearly a year after its release in 2018, Black Panther is still being talked about by Marvel fans all over the world. The ground-breaking film made over a billion dollars, and continues to inspire and empower people of color. With such an incredible amount of success, we’re hoping it isn’t too much longer before we get a sequel to the film and make an epic return to Wakanda.

Still riding high on Black Panther’s success at last weekend’s SAG Awards, fans of the record-breaking movie weren’t expecting to hear much more about our favorite Wakandan superhero until the upcoming Academy Awards.

With Black History Month less than a few days away, it was suddenly revealed that the award-winning Marvel movie would be returning to 250 AMC theaters across the U.S. for one week from Feb. 1 to Feb. 7. Oh, and did we mention that tickets will be free? Yes, you read that right.

Disney CEO Bob Iger revealed the incredible news in a statement yesterday that not only will Disney be giving away tickets for free, but they will also be donating to the United Negro College Fund with a generous grant of $1.5 Million dollars.

“Black Panther is groundbreaking for many reasons, including the rich diversity of voices behind its success,” he said, “The story also showcases the power of knowledge to change the world for the better, and the importance of ensuring everyone has access to it.”

So check your local AMC theater listings, grab your family and friends, and make your way to your local theater for a free screening of this fantastic movie.

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