Why didn’t Hermione Granger become the next head mistress at Hogwarts?


She loved learning, loved being in class, so why didn’t Hermione Granger go to teach at Hogwarts at the end of the series instead of getting into politics?

For so many years, it seemed as if Hermione Granger would become the next Minerva McGonagall. But then, when we meet Hermione later in life, she ended up going into politics, a move that many of us didn’t see coming. So why did she become the Minister of Magic instead of teaching at Hogwarts?

It seemed as if she loved reading and teaching Harry and Ron so much that it would have been the perfect fit. That being said, we’re not exactly mad over the fact that she isn’t a professor. It’s great that she’s in charge of the wizarding world and, from what we can tell, incredible at her job.

She manages to keep Harry Potter in line and is making sure the wizarding and muggle worlds alike coexist in a beautiful way. It just feels like she was always heading towards being the most like Minerva and then she doesn’t go to work at Hogwarts at all.

Maybe the wizarding world is better off having Hermione Granger as the Minister of Magic. She’s powerful, intelligent, and knows both worlds inside and out. Then again, we don’t know what it would have been like to have her as head mistress either. If Dumbledore was one of the most feared wizards to ever be head master, imagine what it would have been like with Hermione Granger in charge of Hogwarts.

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We could have had Hermione as head mistress but you know what? Having the Minister of Magic be Hermione Granger isn’t that bad either.