Daniel Radcliffe likes to laugh and talk about the Wizard World in Orlando


Who knew that Daniel Radcliffe was such a comedy buff? Well, comedian Matt Rogers did when he and Harry Potter himself talked about Bowen Yang, Potter and more.

Matt Rogers got to talk with Daniel Radcliffe while the two were in Salt Lake for Sundance. The thing is, it isn’t exactly the interaction you’d expect one to have with Daniel Radcliffe. For so many of us, meeting the man who brought Harry Potter to life is a huge deal.

So when Matt tweeted that they, instead, talked about a joke that Bowen Yang (Matt’s cohost from Las Culturistas and Saturday Night Live writer), many of us were shocked and jealous of Matt and his interaction!

That being said, at least it is clear that the two still talked about Harry Potter in some regard. Talking about the Wizarding World of Harry Potter still counts. But also, who wouldn’t want to talk about the Wizarding World with Daniel Radcliffe?

Still, it is nice to know that still, years later, Daniel is still willing to talk about the series that made him a name in our households. For so many of us, he’ll always be Harry. He grew up with us, we learned to love Harry James Potter and all his quirks because of Daniel’s performance and now that he’s done with the Boy Who Lived, it’s just nice to know that he’s still willing to talk about the series.

Will he ever come back to play Harry? Who knows but we can hope, right?

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Harry Potter may not be Daniel Radcliffe but it’s fun to just imagine that they’re the same person, laughing at Bowen Yang’s jokes. Do you like Bowen like Daniel Radcliffe? Sound off in the comments below!