Did Angela Bassett and Courtney B. Vance just confirm a Black Panther star’s returning?


During an interview before the SAG Awards, Angela Bassett and husband Courtney B. Vance talked all about Black Panther, and even mentioned a certain character could return in the sequel.

Without fail, it looks like Marvel is going to have to add another star to its “Do Not Spoil” list. We’re sure this list is typically reserved for its own actors (Tom Holland and Mark Ruffalo being the VIPs on this list). But now, they may have to add an actor to that list who they haven’t snagged yet.

Cue Courtney B. Vance, husband to Black Panther star and SAG winner Angela Bassett, who might have gotten a little too excited to reveal some of Black Panther 2’s plans. The husband and wife duo appeared on the red (or silver, rather) carpet Sunday night at the SAG Awards and chatted with Entertainment Tonight about the movie.

It started with Entertainment Tonight’s interviewer asking “Is everybody back for the sequel?” Angela Bassett was the first to answer, hesitantly saying that she assumes everyone is coming back. That’s when Vance seemed to want to clear the air.

“Yes, just go ahead and say it. Everyone will be there,” Vance replied. Playfully, Bassett then teased that maybe “they could bring Michael [B. Jordan] back.”

The exchange led to ET‘s interviewer joking that we technically didn’t see Jordan’s character, Killmonger, die at the end. And Bassett agreed, teased the same thing. But still, Vance wanted to be a lot more straightforward than that.

“Including Michael B,” Vance said confidently. And while Vance did say that with confidence, Bassett shot him quite the side eye, asking “Oh?” (You can see her killer side-eye in the clip below.)

Judging by Vance’s remarks, it could very well be certain that Jordan will return to the Black Panther sequel. With Bassett at his side, it’s likely he’s heard a few things from the inner-circle about the developments of the movie. So we can’t completely discount him for making such a statement.

Plus, Bassett’s “Why did you just say that” side eye feels like Vance said something he really wasn’t supposed to say — and that might just be because he was telling the truth.

Then again, Black Panther 2 is still in early developments. And that means the plot, characters, and everything in between is still malleable at this point. There very well could be talks about Jordan coming back to reprise his role, but that doesn’t necessarily mean he’s solidified in the sequel.

Of course, fans would be more than happy to see Jordan return to the project. While most Marvel villains come and go, it’s rare that you get a good one (with redeemable qualities, too). And it feels like we didn’t really get enough of his character in the first movie.

Ideally, director Ryan Coogler would like to keep things fresh and get a new villain for the sequel. So Killmonger would be better used as a redeemed ally to T’Challa in the second movie. (Just take Loki or even the Winter Soldier, for example.)

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It’s likely there will continue to be a lot of talk about whether Michael B. Jordan will return for the sequel or not. And we, unfortunately, might not get that answer until we get closer to the movie’s release date — which could be at least another year or two from now.