Someone should create this quidditch finding app for our phones


One Twitter user pointed out that, for a book series for kids who liked to read about magic, they sure loved to put fictional sports in our story when most of us don’t like sports.

Carrie Wittmer made a great point about quidditch in the Harry Potter series: We’re all nerdy kids who probably didn’t like sports and were being forced to read about a fictional sport that still entailed some kind of sports-like abilities.

Sure, there are Harry Potter fans who are good at sports but for those of us who aren’t into sports or good at them, this is a bit of a slap in the face.

Which, quidditch isn’t that bad. It isn’t exactly fun to read because we couldn’t see it and it was a sport we had never seen before but still, the idea that wizards and witches were flying around on brooms to catch flying balls was fun and also our worst nightmare.

Then, you know, we Potter nerds went and made a real-life quidditch where we all just run around with broomsticks between our legs and hope that we can catch a human being dressed in all gold. Maybe quidditch isn’t for us all and that’s okay.

We can overcome our hatred of sports because we’re not good at them if it is fun. That being said, when quidditch is happening in the movies, it is fun because Harry and the rest of the quidditch players are flying around on broomsticks and attempting to win.

Is it fun to read? Maybe not but watching it live is interesting so you win some and then you lose some.

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Do you like quidditch? Have you ever played? Let us know what you think about this fictional app in the comments below!