Daniel Radcliffe supports the Rams in the Super Bowl this weekend!


If Daniel Radcliffe says to support the Rams then we’re definitely going to do it! Especially if it means not wanting Tom Brady and the New England Patriots to win.

Politics are complicated and, normally, we leave them out of sports but Daniel Radcliffe isn’t here for the New England Patriots. Stating that Tom Brady should “take that MAGA hat” out of his locker, Radcliffe went on to say that, during the Super Bowl, he will support the Rams.

Look, part of the problem with the world we live in is that we’re not all honest with each other. The support for the Patriots is masked in an air of “are they big supporters of the president?” and what their political standings are.

Sure, you could keep all the hidden whilst being a football player but not in 2019. Everything is so politically charged that the idea that you can keep your political views hidden just confirms who you support and why.

We’ve talked about Radcliffe’s comments already but it also important to note Radcliffe has been the kind of celebrity who voices his opinions and makes sure that everyone knows where he stands. It is very Harry Potter of him and, seeing him so open and ready to use his status to point out what is wrong with the world is wonderful to see.

That being said, don’t the Patriots have enough wins now? Let the Rams win. It’s time.

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Who do you want to win the Super Bowl? Are you a Rams fan or do you love the Patriots? Sound off in the comments below and let us know who you’re going to be rooting for now that we know who Daniel Radcliffe is behind.