Crazy Ex-Girlfriend follow-up: Nathaniel is finally truly getting over Rebecca


It’s about time that Nathaniel is finally putting Rebecca and her desires above what he wants on Crazy Ex-Girlfriend. It just took her getting a boyfriend for him to stop.

Crazy Ex-Girlfriend has a long history with love triangles. When it wasn’t Josh, Greg, and Rebecca, it just replaced Greg with Nathaniel and the triangle raged on. So when Greg Serrano came back to West Covina, the fear that a love square would take over was very real.

Luckily for us all, that didn’t happen. If anything, Rebecca had a very real reaction to Greg coming back and worked on the two of them talking through their issues and actually working on having an adult relationship with one another rather than spending their time falling into the same traps that they did before he left for business school.

That being said, it didn’t stop that scene where Nathaniel, Josh, and Greg were all talking to Rebecca outside her home as if the love-square was a very real thing. Greg ended up opening up to Rebecca and, from there, the two built a relationship of honesty and focusing on both Greg and Rebecca taking the time to tell the other how they are feeling.

So this week, when Nathaniel went through his own romantic comedy to get Rebecca back, the fear came back. Would Nathaniel break up this couple and make it all about himself in a ploy to get with Rebecca even though he had a lot of work to do for himself? Would he continue to be the kind of man who didn’t care about those around him?

Thank the musical heavens, Nathaniel saw that Rebecca wasn’t his future. No matter his feelings, he had to see that she was happy with Greg and, even though they weren’t together any longer, she was still there for him. Nathaniel took the time to reflect on those in his life and see that Rebecca wasn’t his end all be all.

Now, he might be vying Maya, but that’s a whole different issue that is different than his relationship with Rebecca. When they ended their relationship, Rebecca said it was because they weren’t good for each other and she was right and now that Nathaniel sees her with Greg, he seems to finally be respecting that. Which… isn’t great.

It took Rebecca being in a relationship with a man for Nathaniel to respect her notion that she didn’t think they were good together? Why not just listen to Rebecca outright when she told you, no?

Sure, he was changing himself for the better, but he was doing it as a way of becoming appealing again to Rebecca. So, hopefully, now that Rebecca is happy with Greg, Nathaniel won’t retreat to his old ways to make himself feel better. Especially if he’s going to try and go after Maya (who should definitely not start dating Nathaniel).

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