Can we still use the Harry Potter series as a way of reflecting on the world at large?


The Harry Potter series is a great way for us to reflect about ourselves and the world we live in but, with the status of politics in today’s world, can we still do that?

When the presidential election happened, many of us compared Donald Trump to Lord Voldemort but, when you think about it, does that mean that he sees himself as Harry Potter? Sure, we’ve always been a generation of wanting to do what’s right and that means comparing the Potter series to our real-life situations but with how gray the world is now, can we be the Harry Potter in our own stories?

Or is someone going to always think they’re the good guy to our villain? It is a weird world that we live in now, no one is really right and everyone is fighting so, at the end of the day, maybe we all are different versions of Harry. Those who don’t see their own faults are the stubborn aspect of Harry.

Those who know what they have to do? That’s the Harry Potter who would put his life on the line to save his friends and the wizarding world. Maybe the president is also still Voldemort (he totally is) but an important aspect of growing up is realizing that the good guys are just as nuanced and layered as the bad.

So maybe it is time to let the comparisons die. Maybe we all need to move on from blaming each other and work on fixing the world. Or maybe we just need to keep calling people Voldemort. Who knows.

Next. Draco Malfoy isn’t the villain that we all painted him out to be. dark

Is it okay for us to say that the bad guys are Voldemort and we’re all Harry Potter? Or is the world not that black and white? Let us know your thoughts below!