Riverdale allows FP Jones to steal the show in episode’s final minutes


Riverdale has been giving us twists and turns all season. Some questions were answered, new ones popped up. But it was FP Jones who stole the show.

The latest episode of Riverdale had plenty of moments that caught our attention, from Archie returning home after being on the run, to the reveal of the Gargoyle King, and even Hiram Lodge being shot. However, while all of these moments are worthy of a discussion, the one that really stole the show (at least for us), was FP Jones becoming the new sheriff in town.

That’s right, FP Jones, the former leader of the Southside Serpents, is now the sheriff of Riverdale. And the decision came from none other than the town mayor, Hermione Lodge.

What caught our attention was the fact that it seems that this was a plan that had been put into place at some point that we were all unaware of. And that means that there are even more secrets that we need to find out about, because who knew that Hermione and FP were friendly enough to have a plan for him to take over as sheriff?

While I highly doubt that Hermione saying “it’s time” is enough to transform FP into the town sheriff, it looks like that’s the direction we are going in with the show. I really can’t wait to see what happens now that it looks like FP Jones is the law in town. And at the same time, I wonder if this means that Hermione had something to do with what happened with Hiram getting shot.

Even if she didn’t have anything to do with what happened to her husband, it still seems suspicious that it takes him getting shot for her to step up and make FP Jones the new sheriff of Riverdale. But at the same time, my biggest hope is that having FP take on this role means we are going to see even more of him moving forward.

It sometimes feels like the adults get lost in the shuffle, but they are some of our favorite characters. And while the focus is usually on the town’s younger generation, there is something to be said for the adults and their own drama and shenanigans.

Hopefully having FP Jones in the role of Riverdale’s sheriff means there will be new twists and turns, as well as some more answers when it comes to the adults in town. Plus, if we are seeing more of the elder Jones, I am all for it.

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What did you think of this episode? Do you think there is more in the works than just having FP Jones become the new sheriff? Do you think Hermione knows more about what happened to Hiram than she is letting on? Tell us what you think in the comments.