Crazy Ex-Girlfriend review: Nathaniel’s very own romantic comedy role


Nathaniel tries to get over Rebecca by putting himself into his own romantic comedy on this week’s Crazy Ex-Girlfriend and it may be one of the best episodes ever?

For so many weeks, it was hard to care about what Nathaniel was going through on Crazy Ex-Girlfriend. Rebecca made it clear that she thought he was a bad influence and Nathaniel didn’t seem to care about it.

Even when he was trying to be a “better” person, he was still kind of a jerk. So this week, when Nathaniel was trying to get over Rebecca being with Greg, he put himself into his own romantic comedy and learned that his happiness doesn’t defeat Rebecca’s in a beautiful episode.

Maybe one of the best songs of the series thus far, “I’m Almost Over You” takes Nathaniel on a journey that results in him realizing that Rebecca is actually happy with Greg. Sure, in his romantic comedy version of his life, Nathaniel is the weird dorky man while Greg is the dork (a real role reversal if you will) but then, throughout it all, he sees that Rebecca likes Greg and that’s what’s important.

He isn’t being slighted, no one took anything from him, Rebecca just made a choice and she is seemingly very happy with that choice. Sure, he brings up the question to her about whether or not this is what she wants for the rest of her life but he is also asking to help himself.

If Nathaniel knows that he isn’t wanted by Rebecca in any capacity, he can stop fighting for her. Clearly, it isn’t going to be that easy. It’s going to take some time for him to work through his emotions to get over her, but it is still a step in the right direction that Nathaniel is recognizing Rebecca and her feelings and taking a step back from his quest to win her back.

In all honesty, the episode made Nathaniel a more likable character. Sure, he was fine before this and, if there were no other options, he’d have been a fine match for Rebecca. But when she told him to leave her alone and he still tried to pursue her, it didn’t really sit well.

Now though, recognizing that maybe he isn’t meant to be with Rebecca, Nathaniel is finally a character that has a drive that isn’t centered around work or Rebecca Bunch. He can be his own character, live his own life, and deal with his own issues without thinking about what she is doing or how it can connect back to her.

And hey, there is that cute little side arc with Maya. She had a wonderful relationship that she just got back into so who knows what is going to happen to Nathaniel. Maybe it’d be best if he just made some friends in town and continued to be a good person?

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