How ingrained is the Harry Potter series into our everyday lives?


At this point in our lives, we all know how much we love the Harry Potter series but how much of it is ingrained into our day to day lives when we’re out and about?

Do you ever stop and think about Harry Potter on a regular basis? Is it something that still brings up questions in your mind when you’re just doing the dishes? It is interesting to stop and think about just how much we still think about Harry and his friends.

Even after all these years, we’re writing about the series, talking about what happened and what we think Harry, Hermione, and Ron would be doing now that they are adults with jobs. We stop and think about what the series means to us and how it still is an important part of our lives regularly and that is honestly one of the most beautiful parts of being in the Harry Potter fandom.

Even though the series has long since ended, we’re still yearning for more content and trying to expand this world. We know that Harry still is plagued by those who are loyal to Voldemort and still, he does the right thing and puts the fate of others above himself.

There may never be a time when we don’t care about Harry and that’s okay. We are meant to care about the Boy Who Lived. He was with us through so much growing up that it is nice to know that we’ll always be thinking about Harry James Potter.

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Do you still think about the series? Is it still just as important to you? Sound off in the comments below and let us know what Harry Potter and his friends mean to you!