How do you get your kids to love the Harry Potter series as much as you do?


It’s important to many of us that those in our life love the Harry Potter series as much as we do! So what do we do to get the kids in our lives loving Harry and his friends?

Many of us grew up with the Harry Potter series and reading it as we were aging with Harry was important to us. But what happens when we have our own kids or nieces and nephews and want them to appreciate the series as well?

The coolest way to bring the series to them would be to just give them the books as we received them. As soon as a kid turns 11, give them Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone as a way to start their journey. Each birthday, give them the next book and let them live out the series as well all did when the books were coming out.

It isn’t that we shouldn’t let kids read the series as they want. If they want to read Harry Potter, definitely let them! But it’d be so fun to continue giving the series to younger generations in the same way we all got it when we first started to read it!

The important thing is that we pass these stories along. So many of us grew up with Harry and loved being a part of this world, it would be a shame if we didn’t continue to let those younger than us experience the magic as well. Plus, we’d then get to go back to Hogwarts so it is a win-win situation overall.

Next. You can chose your own Hogwarts house if you want to. dark

Are you going to share Harry Potter with the kids in your life? Are you excited to relive the series? Let us know in the comments below!