Crazy Ex-Girlfriend preview: What’s Nathaniel going to do about Rebecca?


We know that Nathaniel still has feelings for Rebecca on Crazy Ex-Girlfriend, but with the new development between her and Greg, what is he going to do about it?

Rebecca has seemingly chosen Greg on Crazy Ex-Girlfriend, but what does that mean for Nathaniel? Last week, we saw that he was ready to tell Rebecca how he felt. That is, until he overheard Paula and Rebecca talking about Greg.

With a halt in his plans, Nathaniel is seemingly finding ways to get over Rebecca this episode which, okay. No offense to Nathaniel, but he hasn’t exactly been the best option for her. Remember when he tried to ruin someone’s life for her because they both were not in the right headspace to be in a relationship?

Sure, he is becoming a better person. But also, Nathaniel becoming a better person means that Nathaniel will repeatedly tell everyone that he’s trying to be nicer rather than just being nicer. Now that he’s working on getting over Rebecca, though, what does that mean for his relationship with Greg?

The two were friends before, and when they realized who the other was, it seems as if they haven’t really spoken. Especially since Greg and Rebecca finally reconnected. Honestly, I hope the storyline doesn’t go back to Nathaniel trying to win her back. That has long since passed and, if he’s trying to get over her, maybe he’ll succeed and get a new girlfriend who is perfect for him.

To be fair, maybe we’re obsessed with Greg because it has been so long since he’s been in West Covina. We’ve had to suffer countless Greg-less episodes. And so now that he’s back, our Greg/Rebecca loving hearts can finally fly once more. Also, they literally just got back together. Please do not make Nathaniel ruin this relationship for Rebecca. Let her have this happiness where she and Greg have sex on Darryl’s floor when they’re supposed to be babysitting.

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