Young Justice: Outsiders preview: The midseason finale’s already here


The Young Justice: Outsiders midseason finale is already here, and we’re already bracing for the impending cliffhangers and proceeding hiatus.

Somehow, the Young Justice: Outsiders midseason finale is almost here. We’re excited about this Friday’s episodes because it means we’ll get an extra episode to watch our favorite Outsiders train and hone their abilities. However, we’re not excited to wait for the third season to resume on the DC Universe in June. Despite the nostalgic hiatus that we’re well-versed with, thanks to the first two seasons of the series (even if it has been a while), we can expect a lot of action in the midseason finale.

Since the real Darkseid officially made his first cameo in episode 7, “Evolution,” we’ll likely see more Apokolips-related narratives in the midseason finale. Since finales, in the middle or end of the season, are climactic, the continued Apokoliptian plot could likely introduce other New Gods we haven’t seen in the series yet. We’re still anticipating another Darkseid cameo, but this time in the face of the Outsiders team.

Because Darkseid has a convoluted thirst for power, the stakes are overwhelming, and we’re hesitantly ready for any battle between Darkseid and the Outsiders and the Justice League. We say we’re hesitant because we’re well aware of Darkseid’s abilities. Given the new Outsiders and their inexperience with their combat skills and new-found meta-human powers, we’re fully expecting the first showdown against Darkseid and his ilk to end in failure. We just hope it doesn’t end in any deaths and fake deaths that keep us on the ledge until the season resumes.

However, a duel between the heroes and a tyrannical New God isn’t the only way the Young Justice: Outsiders midseason finale could incorporate more Apokoliptian lore. Some of the preexisting Apokoliptian technology will introduce a new character, and we’re more than ready to see how the four upcoming episodes with integrate his heroic origin story.

If you watched the video, that’s right, Victor Stone is coming to Young Justice: Outsiders in episode 11, according to exclusive information from IGN. Given Victor’s rise to his Cyborg alias and his cybernetic power’s connections to (you know, the famous Fatherbox explosion), Victor’s backstory would seamlessly lead into the return of Darkseid.

While we’re excited to see Victor join the lineup of heroes and how the series will adapt his animated incarnation’s origin story, Darkseid might not be the only evil being the Outsiders have to worry about in the midseason finale.

Since the previous three episodes introduced Lady Shiva as she assassinated Orm (Oceanmaster), we can anticipate that the midseason finale will build up her character arc. The reason of season could also use her character and her affiliation to The Light as a secondary threat against the Outsiders.

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Regardless of the new threats and the highly-anticipated New Gods arc, we’re sure the Young Justice: Outsiders midseason finale will leave us eagerly waiting for the season’s return in June.