Star Wars Resistance: Who’s working with the First Order?


Before the next all-new episode of Star Wars Resistance drops this weekend, let’s look back at who’s been doing the First Order’s dirty work, starting with Kaz’s recent Mining Guild customer.

We know the First Order is up to no good, but most everyone else in the galaxy isn’t aware of the fact. The growing dictatorship operates in the shadows and doesn’t reveal its true intentions until it’s too late. Before those plans come to fruition, however, they have to set the pieces on the board in a strategic way without getting caught red-handed. That’s where the pawns come in.

In “Dangerous Business,” Kaz stops a Mining Guild worker from delivering a phase connector — meant specifically for Starkiller Base — to the First Order. The words “Mining Guild” stood out to us because this isn’t the first time they’ve been included in a Star Wars story. They previously appeared in Star Wars Rebels, where they worked alongside with the Empire. So naturally, it’s not surprising to see the First Order collaborating with old connections from the Empire’s reign.

In fact, it makes us wonder what other connections the First Order has been taking advantage of over the years. After all, Teroj Kee isn’t the only one the First Order has reached out to in order to get a job done in secret. As we’ve seen in the recent past, the pirates are another example of how the First Order manipulates nefarious individuals into carrying out their misdeeds.

The First Order also uses crime syndicates as a way to acquire the money necessary to fund an entirely new army and a fleet of terror-inducing weapons. And if that’s not enough, the profits created from illegally-made weapons line the pockets of corrupted senators and politicians with money as a way to make them turn a blind eye.

It’s fascinating how the First Order is able to get away with what they’re doing by roping in specific people to do what needs to get done. Even more illuminating is the fact that most of these people affiliated with the First Order are non-human, like Kragan Gorr, Hallion Nark, and Teroj Kee. Besides working sketchy jobs, they’re all non-human characters.

Based on this pattern, if there is someone on the Colossus doing dirty work for the First Order without anyone else looking, perhaps we should turn our focus to the non-human characters. The Colossus is home to a variety of species and we’ve met more than a handful: Aunt Z, Flix, Orka, Bo Keevil, Hype Fazon, and Neeku Vozo. Could someone we consider a friendly face be affiliated with the First Order in some way?

It’s difficult to believe any one of those characters could work for the First Order. Then again, we have seen characters commit terrible things in the past in the hopes of achieving something good. Sometimes, money and greed aren’t the only motivators. Good intentions could also lead people astray, especially when the First Order is capable of making appealing yet empty promises.

So who will they team up with next? The First Order, unfortunately, has its hands everywhere. In the past, the Empire and Separatists used bounty hunters to track down certain individuals. Is that something we could see in the future of Star Wars Resistance? Would they resort to those tactics in order to get what they want? It’s definitely possible.

For now, they have several pawns out on the board as they move their other pieces ever so slowly with the intention of checkmating the Hosnian system. It’s a brilliant strategy, even though it makes them just as deceiving and cruel as the Empire.

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The next episode of Star Wars Resistance, “The Doza Dilemma,” airs on Sunday, Jan. 27, on Disney Channel at 10 p.m. EST and on DisneyNOW.