Harry Potter is coming to Netflix in February for Potterheads


Harry Potter fans have longed for the day the Wizarding World movies will be added to Netflix. That day is here and now with the movies coming to Netflix in February.

Netflix has announced their February titles arriving on the streaming platform and the news Wizarding World fans have been waiting for has finally arrived. That’s right. Harry Potter is coming to Netflix.

Set to arrive on February 1. The final four Harry Potter movies will arrive on Netflix Canada. Ready to be binge-watched over and over again.

Why only the final four movies is a little bit of a mystery. But Potterheads are not that fussed. They’re just happy to take what they can get for now.

Hilariously, Netflix Canada has pointed out the final four Wizarding World movies are really all you need. By pointing out they are the better movies of the franchise. There are no indications if they will add the other movies at a later date.

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Sadly, there is still no sign of the Harry Potter movies making their way over to Netflix US. Despite the high demand, it’s not happening. They are currently only available to stream via the SYFY network, which can be done directly or via Hulu. Or you can purchase them via Amazon.

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However, with Netflix Canada getting the rights to add the movies, and it already being available in Australia, New Zealand, and other countries. It is a step in the right direction of it arriving to Netflix US. It shows clear intent that Netflix wants the movies, and they are willing to get them.

So be patient Potterheads in the US. The movies could be here before you know it. But Netflix Canada fans. February 1 is the day. So, get ready.

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Will you be binge-watching the wizarding world movies on Netflix the moment it arrives on Netflix Canada? Do you think it will be available worldwide one day? Drop a comment just below sharing your thoughts.

Harry Potter (the final four movies) arrives on Netflix Canada February 1.