Did these Shazam! Funko POP! figures just spoil the movie?


DC fans have a new superhero to be excited about with the arrival of Shazam! in April. But some Funko POP! figures may have spoiled a bit of the story.

Zachary Levi, the star of Shazam!, recently revealed that his character was getting the Funko POP! treatment.

Levi shared a picture of his POP! figurine, describing the moment as a “Dream. Come. True.” And while that was the only POP! he revealed, as fans, we knew there had to be at least one more coming our way. We were right.

Today, fans of DC comics and this particular hero learned that Billy Batson’s Shazam! won’t be the only magical hero in the movie, at least if new Funko POP! figurines are anything to go by.

ComicBook.com shared photos of the figurines, which reveal Billy Batson’s foster family will get in on the action. Thanks to the photos, we now have a first look at Eugene and Darla in their own superhero costumes. Both characters look as if they stepped right out of the original comics, which could mean the movie will be introducing all of the members of the Shazam family.

In the comics, the Shazam family consists of Darla and Eugene, as well as Pedro, Freddy, and Mary. Each member of the family is granted their own superpowers, allowing them to become superheroes in their own right. Whether Eugene and Darla will be part of the larger storyline or make their superhero debuts in a mid-credits or even end-credits scene is unclear at this point.

This Funko POP! reveal isn’t the first time toys based on upcoming movies have revealed additional characters and spoilers. New action figures for Avengers: Endgame may have just spoiled the return of a few characters, for example.

And since we did not know that the Shazam family would make an appearance in this origin story, we can definitely call this a spoiler.

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As fans of DC comics and Shazam!, we can’t wait to see what else this movie has in store for us, especially if other members of the superhero family make their debut in the film.

Shazam! comes to theaters on April 5.