Sebastian Stan talks Bucky Barnes, Gossip Girl, and Destroyer


In an interview about Destroyer, Sebastian Stan reiterates that he finished filming Avengers: Endgame back in 2017 and also has thoughts on Bucky Barnes.

Sebastian Stan attended a BUILD Series event in NYC on Monday to promote his new movie Destroyer, which he stars in alongside Nicole Kidman. The BUILD Series is a small-event that allows fans to ask questions and interact in a more personal setting with some of their favorite stars. Not only did Stan enjoy joking around with the interviewer, he also took the time after the event to take selfies with fans.

While the interview was somewhat centered on Destroyer, Stan was also asked questions about Bucky Barnes, Avengers: Infinity War, and Endgame.

When the interviewer asked about what it was like filming action scenes on Destroyer versus in MCU films, Stan explained that MCU films are very choreographed, saying: “It was much more loose in a way whereas like something with the Russos gets rehearsed over and over again.”

Many people have noticed that Stan plays many characters who are rather dark, or at the least have complicated pasts. When asked if playing these characters stays with him after filming is over, Stan said that he liked taking on roles that challenge him.

"There’s always stuff that kind of like lingers for a while…Never to an extent that’s frustrating or sort of painful or anything. It’s fun to want to kind of branch out and try something else and surprise yourself. It’s fun to me. I get bored with myself."

Fans of Bucky Barnes and the MCU also got a treat when he added some insight about the experience of filming Captain America: The Winter Solider versus filming Captain America: Civil War.

Civil War was really scary to me. I just, I remember being terrified. Winter Solider was a thing, but it was still within like a family environment. I knew Chris really well and the Russos. Civil War had all these other people I hadn’t acted with,” he explained.

As always, the thing fans really want to know is if Stan can reveal anything about Avengers: Endgame. Instead of answering the question directly, he said, “Infinity War is actually going to happen to us all. Just kidding, I don’t know.”

But, more seriously, he explained that he did all of his shoots for the two films a while ago.

“I have no clue what’s happening in that film. Like I said, I really don’t. I’m excited like anyone else to see it come out…Everything I shot was in 2017…I don’t know what’s happened since.”

Stan also retreated something he had talked about in previous interviews which is that he didn’t really know what was going to happen in Infinity War until the day of each scene.

"First of all, I had never a script, right?…So, we would show up on the day. I knew I was still around in the movie every time I would get a call the next day that I was going to work….I didn’t know that Thanos was doing that, I didn’t know any of those things. They sort of in five minutes tried to explain this whole thing."

During the Q & A portion, one fan asked about what it was like to play a character named Chris in Destroyer, since there are so many Chrises in the MCU, to which Stan said, “I love to be called Chris. It’s really great.”

And, when asked about Bucky’s relationship to the people in Wakanda who gave him sanctuary, such as T’Challa and Shuri, Stan had this to say about Bucky’s new home, before he was killed by Thanos of course: “I think Bucky was more like an honored guest, you know what I mean? And he was sort of feeling that he maybe needed to win everybody over, but I think for the first time he probably felt like he had friends.”

Aw, Bucky definitely deserve to have some friends after everything he has been through!

One of the funniest moments of the interview came when the interviewer asked what was the fate of Carter Baizen from Gossip Girl, a character Stan played many years ago.

Stan said, “He would be one of those guys that would end up somewhere on a beach somewhere…trying to basically work his way into some deal buying an island or something.”

The interviewer pointed out that this sounded exactly like the infamous Fyre Festival, and he added: “That’s what I was thinking! When I saw the documentary for it, I was like is Carter Baizen involved with this?!”

The fate of Bucky Barnes might still be unknown, but at last fans know what happened to Carter Baizen now!

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Fans can also check out Destroyer, which is in theaters now!