Harry Potter and the long sorted past with fans and their relationships


We all have our favorite ship in the world of Harry Potter but sometimes, our love of a couple can go to an extreme and ruin part of the fandom for everyone.

It’s simple for us, as fans, to read something and find something to love it in and especially with Harry Potter. We fell in love with the series and its characters so it isn’t surprising that many of us fans have very intense feelings about the fictional characters and what they mean to us.

One of the perks of being so dedicated to these characters is that we invest our time and energy into their relationships. The problem is that, with as much time and energy we direct to their  relationships, we may hurt our friendships in the fandom.

Ship wars are some of the most vicious aspects of the internet. If you don’t like the couple that most the fans do, you’re subjecting yourself to their wrath and criticisms. It didn’t just start with the Harry Potter fandom, this has been a thing in geek culture for quite some time. But the Potter fans did have the advantage of the internet so we have quite the history with fanfiction, online battles, and knowing what Tumblr you weren’t going to follow because they shipped Hermione/Draco rather than Hermione/Ginny.

Now, maybe it’ll be better but then again, we all brought the argument back for Harry/Hermione so who knows if we’ll ever get over the ship wars.

dark. Next. Hermione Granger and Harry Potter are a fine ship and you can fight me

Do you have a favorite ship that you still read about? One that you wish happened in the series or, if it did, one that you stood behind throughout the entire series? Sound off in the comments below and let us know what you think!