The Good Place season 3 finale preview: Will the grand experiment work?


The Good Place wraps up its third season this Thursday with yet another grand experiment. Will Michael’s plan work? Will The Judge fix the point system?

The Good Place has taken us on a wild trip during this third season. And it doesn’t look like its slowing down anytime soon.

Last week’s episode had Judge Gen discovering how horrible it is to be a human on Earth. And also that apparently she’s black and the world doesn’t like black ladies. This resulted in yet another experiment involving Team Cockroach. With the Bad Place’s Shawn an equal part of this (to make it fair), there’s a potential that everything can be flipped upside down.

Because The Good Place is re-hashing Michael’s experiment, but with four different humans. If they also become better humans after dying, then it proves the world is a messed-up place and the Point System needs to be overhauled.

Here’s the official synopsis for this week’s episode, courtesy of NBC, and this may be the leas helpful, least specific synopsis so far:

"Various events occur, in a certain specific order."

So yes. What we know so far for this week’s episode is that things will happen. And they will happen in some kind of orderly way.

The big problem is that Shawn’s Michael suit for torturing the humans has affected Michael so badly that he’s had a complete meltdown just as the first new subject wakes up. And the episode ends with it looking like Eleanor may end up posing as the architect of the neighborhood.

That’ll be a fun twist if it’s what The Good Place ends up doing!

Mostly I want to know who our four new humans are. We only saw (and heard) a glimpse of John. Who else did the Bad Place pick for this experiment? And who could potentially play them?

The Good Place usually hits the mark with its cast choices. But I feel as though this is too big of a moment for them to come out swinging.

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So—will Michael’s gamble work? Or will Team Cockroach be eternally tortured in the Bad Place? You’ll have to tune in with me on Thursday night to see the outcome!

The Good Place airs Thursdays on NBC at 9:30 p.m. ET.