10 best moments from Netflix’s Carmen Sandiego series

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Paper Star attacks

One character who’s particularly scary is Paper Star. She has something like a Harley Quinn aesthetic, but what makes her impressive is her skill with paper. She can turn any piece of paper into a weapon through the art of origami.

The notion of paper cutting through anything might sound ridiculous, but paper does have some serious edge, especially at high speeds. Take this example of a piece of paper cutting through a thin piece of wood. While Paper Star’s wild origami-making skills come straight out of fiction, it’s pretty surprising what a flimsy piece of paper can do in reality.

Paper Star is also intriguing because she’s around the same age as Carmen. In a way, she represents what Carmen could have been had she stayed with VILE and accepted the “Evil” part of their name. It’s also interesting to note how all of these evildoers are young. They’re not old, like the VILE faculty. A lot of these people lost their way and felt their only path was one of deception and thievery. Thankfully, Carmen didn’t end up that way.

Another amazing fact about Paper Star? She’s voiced by Kimiko Glenn, the same Kimiko Glenn who voiced Ezor in Voltron: Legendary Defender and Peni Parker in Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse. And in case you missed it, Carmen is voiced by Gina Rodriguez.