Crazy Ex-Girlfriend: Does this mean that Rebecca and Greg are endgame?


It seems as if Rebecca has finally found her match in Greg on Crazy Ex-Girlfriend. Is this her endgame or are we going to see her back with Nathaniel or Josh again?

Crazy Ex-Girlfriend may be coming to an end but that doesn’t mean that there still isn’t excitement in Rebecca’s life. In fact, she may have finally found the man for her. Throughout the entire run of the show, one storyline was always hanging over the heads of fans: What if Greg came back?

Santino Fontana left the show at the beginning of season 2 and it seemed as if that was going to be the end of Greg and Rebecca. With a song about how their love was a sh-tshow, Greg left for business school and never told Rebecca when he would come back to town.

Now that both Rebecca and Greg got help, the two are in a much better place to explore their relationship with one another. So when Greg works through the fact that Rebecca slept with his father and wants to go and talk to her, he finally puts his ego aside and just tells Rebecca how he feels.

Not before the two have to have a very real discussion about starting their relationship over from scratch.

So in this last episode when Rebecca and Greg have sex on Darryl’s floor, it became abundantly clear they should have been together all along. Sure, they both had their issues and their relationship was far from healthy but they went away, worked on themselves, and now can have an adult relationship without using each other for some kind of release.

The end of the episode made it seem as if Nathaniel was either going to make a push to be back with Rebecca or at least tell her how he feels. And honestly, that’s a triangle that doesn’t need to happen.

Rebecca learned her mistake with Josh and when she told Nathaniel to stop talking to her, she gave a wonderful reason as to why not: The two do terrible things when they are together.

In an effort to appease the other, they both feed into the darker parts of each other and it doesn’t end well for Nathaniel or Rebecca. Even though Nathaniel is working on himself, he has a long way to go and Rebecca has been trying to make herself a better person for quite some time.

Nathaniel will find someone who understands him and will help build a relationship with him. For Rebecca, the best bet for her (and obviously Greg) would be for her to date Greg in a real way and not repeat whatever their first relationship was.

The end of the episode had a reprise of Rebecca’s new song with Greg to Hebecca, Rebecca’s biological daughter, so maybe it was a clue into Rebecca’s future with Greg or maybe it was just a fun way to close out the episode.

Either way, we’re here for Greg and Rebecca.

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